Book Binding



Throughout the past 133 years, we have gathered the craftsmen, equipment and experience needed to produce the highest quality of Library, Edition and Specialty book bindings. We can accommodate all run lengths, whether short, medium or long, and can build any folding configuration that you want.


Unlike most printers, we do our own binding in order to save you both time and money, while delivering professional and attractive books that will exceed your expectations. We even possess two of the only large-scale perfect binding machines in the region, so that we can handle peak demand times and conflicting schedules.

Whether you need to bind one book or thousands, we will work with you to create customized binding solutions to fit your needs.


Folding Options
We also offer a variety of folding options, including gate folds, z-folds, parallel folds and barrel folds. Whether you’re looking to produce marketing pamphlets, flyers or brochures, selecting the perfect presentation is paramount to your success. For materials that contain many graphics, a gate fold showcases your images, while barrel folds serve as an intriguing way to reveal more information as the brochure unfolds. If you’re looking to mail some quick handouts, a z-fold might be just the thing. Whatever your need, we’ll help you format your materials so that your information gets to the right people, the right way.

Sometimes the perfect cover is all you need to turn a simple book into a refined, polished product. From die cut and embossed covers to book stamping, our skilled specialists add that special, personal touch to your project. We also provide glue padding for specially designed notepads for your business, as well as pocket folder covers that allow you to present important information to your readers in a convenient and efficient way.  

Need help shipping your finished product out? We also provide extensive mailing and fulfillment services. From poly bags that are great for mailing multiple magazines or catalogs at once to shrink wraps that protect your materials throughout the shipping process, you can find your binding and mailing needs all under one roof.

Our comprehensive bindery and finishing solutions allow us to produce hardcover and softcover products using the following methods:

  • Saddle Stitching - If you’re looking to produce a smaller scale product at an affordable price, saddle stitching is an excellent choice. This type of binding works best for projects with 96 pages or less and is perfect for producing magazines, brochures and catalogs that can lay flat on a table when opened. Wire staples are used to hold folded paper together at the backbone, which makes it a relatively quick and effective process.
  • Perfect BindingWhen you seek a product that is both long-lasting and economical, we recommend perfect binding. For this type of binding, we use an adhesive that holds the spine together while also giving your project a finished look. The strength of this binding type gives you the longevity you would not have with saddle stitching and is convenient for projects with a much larger page count as well. We can also add a gatefold cover to your perfect bound book, which creates front and back flaps for functionality and design. 
  • Case BindingFor projects that are meant to last a lifetime, invest in case binding. Each page is sewn together with twine to give your finished product durability that can’t be beat. We recommend case binding for very large projects as it can easily hold together books with high page counts. For a more affordable option, we also offer adhesive case binding, which combines the adhesive advantages of a perfect bound book with a luxurious hard cover.
  • Spiral BindingFrom Wire-O to plastic coils, we offer a variety of spiral binding options in-house that each provide benefits of their own. Wire-O metal bindings give off a more professional appearance, making them a great option for products that will be used in formal presentations. Choose between exposed and concealed Wire-O bindings to personalize your project. Plastic spiral bindings provide the perfect solution for books that need to be referred to frequently, like a cookbook or instruction manual, as they are less expensive but also quite durable. Much like saddle stitching, spiral bindings lay flat when open.
  • Tape Binding - Tape binding is a quick and easy way to give training literature and pamphlets a polished look with minimal effort. Adhesive tape wraps around the bind edge to hold the front and back covers together. While this process is good for single use publications, the finished product will have a stiff feel and will not lay flat on a surface. If you’re looking for a longer lasting product, you’ll likely want to consider a perfect bind instead. 



To achieve our consistently superior quality, we use the following bookbinding equipment:  

  • Four Stahl Folders, 26” to 37", with batch counting.
  • Muller Martini Minuteman Heavy-Gauge Saddle Stitcher, with a variable-hole drill press and in-line soft final fold attachment. 
  • Muller Martini Panda Perfect Binder.
  • Muller Martini Pantera Perfect Binder.
  • Two Polar 54" Guillotine Cutters, with workflow and air table assembly line, and software-driven for optimum utilization.
  • Clear or Paper Wafer Sealing equipment.
  • Tying and Bundling Attachments.

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With more than 130 years of experience, we can bring your projects to life. Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re working with a basic concept, call us at 856-241-3960 to discuss your printing needs!