Creative and Typesetting


One chance. That’s all you get for a first impression. Your marketing materials, book, educational journal or informational brochure need to catch attention and spark an interest in order to make someone open it, read it and pass it on. So, what are you doing to ensure you are standing out?


If you answered “content,” that’s your first step – but it’s not the only step. While content is the backbone of your educational, informational or promotional materials, it will seldom be enough to hold your reader’s interest for long. Typesetting is what makes your content stand out for the reader. The fonts, colors, imagery and layout that you choose are what will catch their attention and drive your competitive edge.

These typesetting choices are the difference between making an impression and leaving an impression.

At George H. Buchanan, we are experts in keystroking and page layout. We provide art creations and photo manipulation services to make sure that your product performs its best on your chosen media. And our graphic designers can work with you and your authors directly to bring your concepts to life, or to create the perfect concept for your content.



With more than 130 years of experience, we can bring your projects to life. Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re working with a basic concept, call us at 856-241-3960 to discuss your printing needs!